Best Hybrid Table Saws (October 2019) – Reviews & Top Picks

If you want to buy your own Best Hybrid Table Saw, you might get yourself in trouble finding the best for you!

Here we are, helping you to find the product that suits your criteria!

Hybrid Table Saws are most common piece of equipment in any hobbyist workshop

Hence, they might get a little expensive!

You dont wanna dump all those money for the thing you can’t use, will ya?

Be wise! Let us work for you.

Below, you’ll find a list of extensive hybrid table saw reviews to help you find your way.

Best Hybrid Table Saws 2019

Hybrid Table Saws Amazon Price
Grizzly G0690 Check Price on Amazon
Powermatic PM-1000 Check Price on Amazon
Shop Fox W1819 Check Price on Amazon
RIDGID R4512 Check Price on Amazon
Shop Fox W1851 Check Price on Amazon
SawStop 36 Check Price on Amazon
Woodtek 159665 Check Price on Amazon
Shop Fox W1837 Check Price on Amazon

#1. Grizzly G0690 – Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife

Are you looking for the most high-end cabinet saw? Then you are on the right track.

This saw will surely be the focal point in any hobbyist shop. Every part speaks for its quality and performance.

A lifetime supportive Hybrid Saw with its heavy cast iron trunnions, 3 HP motor and triple belt drive to its massive cast iron table and wings.

This superior table saw is made of durable materials.

That’s why the base of its construction is very solid.

A user can reap the best benefit from it for long-term use. It comes with its cam-lock T-fence, riving knife, heavy cast, hand-wheels, magnetic switch, T-slot miter gauge and 4” dust collection port.

This saw is a dream come true! This impeccable unit is superb in its performance and quality. Without having any interruption, it can smoothly work for a long time.

  • Powerful motor and fairly quiet.
  • Smooth fence and easily adjustable.
  • Dust filtration.
  • It uses 220v which means you just can’t plug it straight into a standard outlet.
  • Newer manufacturer, not known yet.

#2. Powermatic PM-1000 1791000K Table Saw 30-Inch Fence

Bring some standard, bring Powermatic PM-1000 Cabinet Table Saw to your workshop!

The PM-1000 is the first Powermatic cabinet table saw that is wired for 115v usage.

This table saw runs off a 1-3/4HP motor with a poly-v belt that reduces vibration and maximizes motor efficiency.

Feel at ease when it comes to accuracy with Powermatic’s exclusive 30″ Accu-Fence system that gives you the work space and stability that you need.

Not to mention its superior dust collection power.

As with every product Powermatic builds, the PM-1000 redefines the limits of design, innovation and durability.

  • The saw increases excellent motor skills while being operated.
  • It has impressive dust collection material.
  • It stabilizes the constant performance.
  • This working table saw is safe in use.
  • A beneficial power switch has been combined with the saw.
  • This tool might make you feel very heavy in weight.

#3. Shop Fox W1819 3HP 10-Inch Table Saw

Best Hybrid Table Saws 2019

Looking for a worthy tech? Want to make a proper judgement to your money?

This specific table saw model is the best choice for you! This saw will definitely suit your requirement.

You will be surprised to see the quality and performance it shows with every single part it has.

It has a 3 HP motor including a durable heavy cast iron. Moreover, you must be glad about a triple belt drive, a dependable fence, a switch with magnetic system-coated including a meter gauge.

It has been constructed by the engineers in such a way so that consumers can enjoy hassle-free services.

  • This cabinet table saw has several dependable operations.
  • It pays close attention to safety features.
  • The Shop Fox has 2 years of Warranty as well.
  • It holds a good adjustment in floor-to-table height.
  • It carries an excellent blade guard.
  • There is no such issue with the construction but the customer service should be improved a bit.

#4. RIDGID R4512 10 in. 13-Amp Cast IronTable Saw

Hybrid Table Saws

Customize your table by adding this Professional Cast Iron Table Saw from RIDGID.

Provides a flat, level surface for trouble-free cutting.

The 13 Amp induction motor is included in the Rigid, which allows it to force into the thickest components Vibration free working with cast iron core table which provides superior working environment and also delivers a flat surface while cutting.

  • In this table saw, you will find a blade guard for protection.
  • It customizes the table with a reliable extension as well.
  • It allows a hassle-free cutting to the operator.
  • The RIDGID maintains a cool environment as it produces less sound.
  • It prolongs longevity.
  • There is no warranty on the product provided by the manufacturer.

#5. Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw

Hybrid Table Saws 2019

Well what you know! It comes with an extension table. Perfection is achieved when, it provides easy positioning.

It also has been mounted to the cabinet for its excellence. This saw easily fits with the angle that lets you feel comfortable in working place.

It has excellent performance reputation which makes it a great saw indeed! The powerful 2 HP motor can run in between 110V to 220V without any disruption in functioning.

A blade guard placed with this powerful cabinet table saw allows positioning the tool properly that helps in making the perfect cutting.

  • It has an innovative safety feature.
  • The saw has both table and dado inserts along with the feature.
  • This cabinet saw is an expert at reducing unnecessary noise.
  • It has a wonderful dust port.
  • It presents a perfect table size with brilliant extension of 27’’×55’’.
  • There are no serious drawbacks found with it.

#6. SawStop 36’’ Professional Cabinet Saw

Best Hybrid Table Saws 2019

SawStop is a wonderful creation and effective tool for woodworkers. In terms of safety and excellent performance, SawStop is a unique and first-class working tool that helps you a lot.

This is very powerful, genuine and completely vibration free in the future.

You will be amazed by its superior finish and fitting that it has. It comes with full package instructions including excellent nuts bolts and screws as well.

It includes a longer power cord that eventually extends the tools power and leave a great impression and performance.

  • This is a good table saw with the best construction.
  • It has excellent blade capacities.
  • It works great and creates no issues such as bogging down.
  • The SawStop lasts for a long time.
  • It adopts a safety feature.
  • Sometimes, it requires some good shipping adjustments for the convenience of the users.

#7. Woodtek 159665

Hybrid Table Saws 2019

Woodtek 159665 include 230V, 2HP motor, table with extensions of 27″ x 44″, a maximum cut depth at 90 degrees at 3-1/4″ and a net weight totalling 225 pounds.

The Woodtek 159665 table saw is a hybrid 10″ saw with a built-in tripod caster system. The saw sports a Euro style wrap blade in the base of its cabinet and it has a rail mounted switch that also has a large paddle style off feature.

This table saw does not disappoint as it comes with raw power that will enable you to complete any job. Once you setup your table saw you will be ready to go and can cut through any piece of wood that you put in front of you, no matter the length or density.

Craftsman of all types appreciate the ease of setting up the 159665.

  • You can change the capacity mode, and this depends on your needs.
  • It is easy to set up, and this makes it accessible to both amateurs and professionals alike.
  • It provides precise, smooth, and accurate cuts.
  • It gives great power that is suitable for most of the cutting projects.
  • You can use this machine to cut a wide range of materials.
  • The miter gauge is of low quality.

#8. Shop Fox W1837

Hybrid Table Saws

The Shop Fox W1837 is for shop owners who don’t need all the heft and horsepower (and extra cost) of a true cabinet saw.

The Shop Fox W1837 is roaring the marketplace of wood cutting fixtures due to its solidly built design and years of trouble-free services.

The excellent rip capacity, maximum blade diameter, powerful motor, enclosed dust port, etc. certainly adds a sterling addition to define its extreme features.

Easy to transport weight and size, this 10? hybrid table saw features cabinet mounted trunnions and an enclosed steel stand for maximum dust collection like a true cabinet saw.

  • Laguna tools fusion saw has a nice miter-gauge.
  • The fence is perfectly all right.
  • It ensures an easier and smooth cut.
  • It allows for an easier change in the blade.
  • It prevents unusual accidents of kick back with safety Riving knife.
  • There is no supportive insert at the very backside to avoid much dipping.

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